Gluten Free

Specialising in Gluten Free cuisine

As a chef in Barnsley for the past 25 years I have vast experience of catering for sufferers of Coeliac Disease, a condition which causes an immune reaction which attacks the lining of the small intestine causing a number of symptoms when eating foods containing gluten.

Gluten is a protein in wheat, barley and rye and therefore is present in anything containing flour such as bread, cakes, pasta etc as well as mustard, gravy granules and ketchup. Leaving it difficult in everyday life to plan meals let alone eat out in a restaurant for sufferers of the condition.

Over the years I have seen the number of customers with this condition increase and I always make a point of speaking with them personally so that I can prepare and provide them with a gluten free dish.

Having carried out my research and being aware of the gluten content in foods, indeed, my earliest memory of cooking at home was helping my mum to bake gluten free bread for my dad who has Coeliac disease and therefore I am well aware of what is required in a coeliac diet.

I have devised 25 gluten free dishes and I have been preparing my own gluten free pizza bases and sauces. I have sourced quality organic pasta that is far superior to supermarket versions as well as ice-creams and desserts and have even managed to source gluten free tomato ketchup for the cocktail sauce.

At Aroma we are currently looking into sourcing gluten free beers so this will be a unique dining experience for the diner with this condition.

Steve Fitzgerald
Head Chef